Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I want to be Shiney.

I drink too much. I smoke too much. I don’t get enough sleep. My diet is questionable.

Than today I got a letter in the mail that confirmed I am a slob! My gym sent me a lovely note saying "We Miss You". Since I quit with my personal trainer I’ve been to the gym 0 times.

Why is that some people find living a healthy life so easy where as people like me struggle?

Is it just because I’m lazy? Or do I lack a certain gene?

I think because I’m lazy I’d like to think it was because I lacked a gene.

I just look at healthy, fit, buff people (like Christian) and wonder “Where do you find the time?”. Especially all those incredibly toned and shiney gay-boys who must spend hours a day in the gym. I just figure they work part-time or live off an inheritance otherwise there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

For me to get to the gym I need to be up before 6. Which means I’d need to be in bed by 10. So I am at a loss as to how I fit everything else in in-between. Walking Little Sammy, eating, phoning, blogging, tweeting, socialising, Law & Ordering… to say nothing of working. I love all the ‘ings’ so I don’t ever not want to be doing them.

So then a healthier lifestyle comes down to prioritising. So what from my list of ‘ings’ am I willing to give up so that I can make a small step towards being one of those buff, fit, shiney people? Mmmmmm…..

Well I love my job and I kinda need the money so no change to be made there. I spend very little time preparing or eating food so absolutely no time to be saved there. Blogging is my favourite thing in the world, it takes the time that it does and that is that. Tweeting is like breathing so unless you want me to suffocate I won’t be cutting back.

Really the only way I can save myself some time in all of this is my television viewing. This is painful. As you know I have two TV’s at Man Pit now and they both go from morning to night. Granted, I am usually doing something else as well but I can watch up to four Law & Orders a night. If I cut back my TV watching and got myself off to bed by 10 each night than there is a chance.

A small chance that I too can be one of those healthy people. That would be very cool.

Weirdly, just writing this seems to have sorted this out in my brain. I love rambling here so I can make sense of my life. Writing about being too lazy will hopefully make me less lazy.

Maybe I should start writing about hot boys (like the one on the mag cover) lavishing me with love, attention and gifts and then that will start happening too.

A boy can hope.

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