Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pimp-Daddy says "Buy my house!"

So the ex, Aschapelle, and I have decided to sell the marital home. Its our little Redfern 2-bedroom dwelling that we bought just over 2 years ago and renovated. I’d forgotten how stressful it is selling a house!  My osteopath will benefit as much as I will. Leaving no stone unturned in the quest to sell so I’m here today to pimp it out. Call me Pimp-Daddy. You just never know, I may have a stalker follower who sits at home hoping and dreaming that one day they can sleep in my former bedroom.

Or there could just be someone looking to buy a gorgeous terrace. Whatever your motivation it works for me.
2 Rennie St, Redfern
Our terrace sits in a beautiful little pocket of East Redfern and is surrounded by the coolest little community. In the early days of St. Murphy I banged on about it quite a bit – the park, the neighbours, the reno’s. I loved living here. It’s a fantastic mix of Surry Hills and all it has to offer but at a safe, accessible distance. East Redfern has all the benefits of inner city living without the Surry Hills price tag.

When Aschapelle and I bought it, it had cement floors and a 70’s kitchen and bathroom. We always saw it as something that would need work. We bit the bullet and reno’d the kitchen and bathroom at the same time and also did floorboards throughout. It was an absolute pain in the ass, we swore we’d never do it again. But we were so so happy (and proud) with the result.

Kitchen is very cool now. Looks so smart f I do say so myself. And we pumped up our chests over the bathroom cause we thought for two ‘design-challenged’ gay-boys it came out very masculine. Not a floral tile to be seen but rather grey slate with a powder blue, glittering recess with rain shower. Heaven.

Upstairs we put in a new bedroom wall closing off a previous open space and put in built-ins. For us it was our dressing room. Between the two of us we had a lot of clothes and needed the whole room to express ourselves. Master bedroom has a balcony and a Foxtel connection. We never agreed on shows – Aschapelle anything reality, me anything scripted drama – so we needed two Foxtel connections or we would have divorced much earlier.

Gorgeous little courtyard with rear lane access out the back. Now this was actually the reason we initially looked at the house. We thought Jackson and Little Sammy needed the space. So we bought the house for our dogs only to discover that they never went out there. And Aschapelle and I, well we rarely left the television. But it is gorgeous and ‘outdoorsy’ people would love it.

Next door is an amazing park that is absolutely central to everything that goes on in the neighbourhood. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it. I became so obsessed with it and everything it represents that I wrote a 6000 word paper on it for Uni (yes, a HD). Its full of toys that are there ALL THE TIME! Never stole. Such a safe and secure neighbourhood. There’s a bbq, a compost bin, man-made swings – all provided by the neighbours. They have neighbourhood bbq’s and drinks each Friday night during summer.

Who wouldn’t want to buy into that?

So if you are in the market for a new 2 bedroom home or a brilliant investment please take a look. Our too-cute-for-words real estate agent is the lovely Will Phillips from Bresic Whitney (as a general rule Bresic Whitney has the best looking agents in town, just saying!). Give him a call. But just to be upfront; boys he’s not on our team and girls he has a girlfriend. Call him to buy our house, not to try and get a date.

A little bit sad that we are selling. We obviously bought in happy times. But if there is one thing that can be said about Aschapelle and I, we’ve always been real good about keeping decisions like this emotion free.

So buy my house! Pimp-Daddy says so.

2 Rennie St, Redfern is being shown:
Wednesday's 5.30pm to 6.00pm
Saturday's 10.45am to 11.15am
Auction: Saturday, October 8

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