Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My childhood Fabio dream crushed!

Ever since I was a small little boy growing up amongst the oranges and grapes of Griffith I've dreamt of having long flowing locks.

I've always thought boys with long hair, in particularly ponytails, are the coolest thing in the world. Do you remember 80's icon Fabio? I would've killed to have hair like him. I gave it a red hot go in my early 20's when I was also going through a bleached blonde phase - it all went horribly wrong, almost perm-like. I never knew I had curly hair. It scarred me.

I've finally built up the courage to try it again. I figured I only had 18months left to try as a ponytail on anyone over 40 is ri-cock-ulous! So since about Easter I've been growing my hair with great determination. This is hows me looks today!

I don't actually wear it like this, for dramatic pictorial effect!

I absolutely love it. Love it more than I can tell you. I am fully aware it looks crap but I could care less. I have long(ish) hair! At least 3 times EVERY day someone says to me "Oh, you're growing your hair?" which we all know is code for "What the hell are you thinking?". The more direct I come into contact with give me a "So when are you getting your haircut?". I happily reply I'm not, that I'm growing it so I can look like Fabio. 

I literally spend all day playing with it. I've become very comfortable wearing headbands when I am cruising around Man Pit. I have a selection and choice is based on mood. I've bought those giant pump action shampoo and conditioners (before a travellers pack would last me a month!). I have more hair products than I know what to do with. They have their own shelf...

So you can probably tell I am rejoicing in having long hair which is well on its way to becoming a long bob - a LOB!

But this is where the crisis hits! Last week I found a long grey hair. Over the weekend I found more! Now I think every time I look in the mirror I am more and more like Santa Claus. Now there are very clear rules in the Gay Men's Handbook. The moment you start receding or turning grey then the whole lot has to come off. A buzz cut. And you know what this means - THE FABIO DREAM DIES FOREVER!
Love you Fabio!
I am absolutely torn as to what to do. I've got 8 months till my 40th and in that time my hair could become spectacular. I have visions of an elaborate up-do with a glittering headpiece for the big night. But if I am to follow the Gay Men's Handbook, which I passionately believe in, then it is time for a Remington once-over.

My gut tells me hold off. My new headbands say hold off. My shelf of hair products shout HOLD OFF. So, for the moment, I am going to hold off. I'm gonna be a rule-breaker. No buzz-cut for me just yet. 

What do you think? Is this the right decision?

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