Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Things You Wish You Didn’t Know About Me!

This post is the fault of Smudgerella! Smudge tagged me in a post of hers on Grenglish which means I am morally responsible to share my list, as are the people I tag below! I plan to make this disturbing rather than insightful, so much more fun. It’s actually much harder than you think cause I overshare here as it is. But here goes, the 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me or as I am calling it, the…

St. Murphy's 10 Things You Wish You Didn’t Know About Me!

1. Between the ages of 18 and 26 I drank nothing but Jim Beam.
Please lets not forget I am a country boy and a bogan to the core, from when I first tasted alcohol at 18 and a half years of age (do not judge!) I only ever drank bourbon, or Mothers Milk as I called it. Only years later after I’d had my Oxford St make-over did vodka become my drink of choice. And now only as an elderly statesman of the community has Belvedere become my exclusive beverage.

2. I can pick my nose with my tongue!
Not just touch my nose but actually fill the nasal cavity with my giant fat tongue.
This is my favourite photo I've ever put on this blog!
3. I have a menstrual cycle.
Perhaps I should call this a ‘hormonal’ cycle rather than menstrual, I’d hate to disrespect my female friends. But I do genuinely believe that approx every 3 weeks my hormones go crazy and I am a psycho bitch for 1-2 days. Initially I thought it was something to do with a full moon but over time I’ve realized it’s a pattern close to 3 weeks. Just sayin’. Think me weird but I believe in its truth.
4. My first car was a Datsun 180B.
With a black vinyl interior. It was heaven! And I used to loved nothing more than doing laps of Banna Ave, Griffith with the windows down. Of course the windows were down, it had no air-conditioning. I do vaguely remember it having heating. Ahhh…. good times! Especially when Cheap Trick’s The Flame was playing on 2RG.
Mine wasn't this posh!
5. I have never been to a church service in my life.
Maybe this is why I’m gay, Christianity could have saved me if only I’d been a church-goer??? By church service I mean your regular Sunday thing where my understanding is you make excuses for your bad behaviour; not your weddings, funerals, christenings. Of course I’ve been to those. Cause that’s about people I love, not Jesus.

6. I never owned a pet until I was 32.
Kinda weird don’t you think. Even then he wasn’t really my pet. That’s when I first became a step-dad to Jackson. Before that I’d never owned a pet in my life. My parents had enough trouble with my Bro and I, we were very demanding. (ok, it was just me who was demanding, I lied about Bro)

7. I’m a folder.

8. I still fantasise about starring in my own film clip.
I can’t sing a note but I have been dreaming of my debut film clip since my teens. I practice in the mirror all the time. I’ve always thought it would start with a provocative shower scene and evolve into a nightclub/podium finish. Along the way I would be necking with a stream of hot boys. Shame Video Hits is cancelled.

9. I’ve never, ever been in a fight.
This will shock you but I’ve never been punched. Or thrown a punch! I’ve thrown many a bitchy comment, scathing remark, verbal attack, but never physical. I’ve done ‘no talkies’ like a pouting 12 year old but never lashed out. Even all those times I’ve become ‘alcohol-offensive’ it’s a miracle I’ve never been hit. Touch wood.

10. The reason I’ve been in the same job for the last 13 years is to stockpile stories for my memoirs!
And its gonna be a BLOCKBUSTER!!! Can’t release it until I’ve retired cause I’ll never be able to work again. I have a secret tape-recorder in my shoes just for this book.

Honourable mentions... The dagwood dog is my favourite food EVER and I never go swimming in anything but Speedo's. 

Now who do I want to tag??? No pressure, but if you don't follow through with a '10 Things You Didn't Know About Me' well then you are dead to me. Gonna focus on some new blogging-friends, cause I know them a little but ache to know more (warts & all!)...

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